Monday, 20 April 2015

Dogs Trust Basildon

Hi I'm Carley and welcome to my first Animal Blog. I'm hoping to visit and write about as many Animal Rescue Centres as possible in the Uk whilst on Tour with the wonderful Musical 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels'.

My goal is to make as many people as possible aware of these places. Of dogs needing homes or rescue from laboratories and to ask the questions the general public wants to know to encourage more of them to adopt a rescue dog. I want to dispel the thought that rescue dogs are dangerous dogs. Of course I also want to get lots of furry cuddles. 

On my visit to Dog Trust Basildon on 17th April. I bombarded them with many questions, they were only too willing to answer. You could see how happy their staff were, and just how much they loved their current 124 lodgers.

Dogs trust are the largest dog welfare charity. Caring for 16,000 stray or abandoned dogs a year in their 20 centres nationwide. They are one of the very few non destruction dog charities. They never put a healthy dog down. All they ask is for a small donation when you find your perfect pooch. This will guarantee you find the right dog for you, that has been neutered, micro-chipped and had their thorough health check. With non government funding and relying on donations, they really do need your support. When alone neutering can be more expensive than what they ask for.

When a dog walks through the doors at Dogs Trust. It must be separated from the rest to have health and behavioural checks to ensure no viruses or distress is spread. The newly built Centre is a delight to walk around. Fresh and clean with donated toys and treats splashed about the kennels. After their checks the dogs can relax in their own area or share with a companion. With their own couches, big beds or bunk beds, with separate play area attached and lots of blankets and toys.
Each dog gets to have 2/3 walks a day around Dogs Trust's private gardens. What I loved and thought showed how the charity really cared, was that there were many little play areas made with different ground surfaces ie sand, concrete or grass with agility courses and toys to excite and give each dog variety. You can even sponsor a dog here, you should see their VIP's bigger than my home! 

I was so impressed with the amount of care and attention each individual dog got. Depending on what their needs where, they were met with a vet and surgery on site along with a behaviourist team and hydro pool. I was very lucky to get to spend time with Coco the puppy. As the staff made sure she wasn't left alone for long whilst she was still young.

I wanted to know how they encouraged adoption in their long standing residents. Such a simple yet effective way is to transfer the dogs to another centre, if they are comfortable to, where their new owners maybe searching. This action has been very successful I'm happy to say!!
I'm so grateful to the Dogs Trust for their attitude and passion for these dogs. They NEVER give up on them. I asked what they did if a dogs behaviour was taking a little while to settle. Their response was to just keep trying and maybe change the dogs surroundings and guardian. This has proven to work! 
Dogs Trust match an owner with their perfect dog after an in depth questionnaire, home check and after watching perspective owner and dog walk together. 

Yes, this rehoming centre is dedicated and welcoming, but it is not where the staff or myself want the dogs to call home forever. With more dogs coming in than out. Space is in demand for our four legged friends across the country. With approximately 110.000 stray dogs reported in the Uk every year, we can't let any slip through our fingers. Please micro-chip your dog. It really does make a difference!
If your thinking of getting a dog, please avoid the internet. Please rescue your forever friend from a local and cheaper shelter. I've never known love stronger than from a soul who knows what it's like not to have it.

If you want to help the dogs at 'Dogs Trust' in any way at all, please take a look at their lovely website
Here you can volunteer, donate, sponsor and of course adopt. As well as check out their 'Dogs Trust Shops'
They have wonderful tips and tricks for you and your pet. With of course health and behaviour advise. There are many events at Dogs Trust's all over the UK all mentioned on the website if your not local to Basildon.
If you are in the Basildon area please attend their FUN DAY 21st June. I may see you there!

Bye for now 
Hugs and woofs

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